Tarot is one of my favorite tools for beginning conversations, and for getting to the core of an issue.

Tarot can: 

  • assist with self-awareness

  • provide entertainment

  • address emotional/stress relief

  • offer inspiration/direction

  • stimulate creative mojo

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Tea Leaf Reading

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

This ancient art conjures unique images.

Relying on the patterns in loose leaf tea, tea leaf readings can:

  • connect you to your story

  • nourish your intuition

  • reveal your hidden nature

  • unfold new ideas about your needs

  • stir up symbols of personal strength

Nourish your intuition >

Creative Divination

The workbook Creative Divination: Read Tea Leaves and Develop Your Personal Code includes 79 tea reading exercises designed to stir your imagination, nourish your intuition, and unfold your understanding of perception and individual symbols with imagination and intuition.

Purchase a copy today and awaken your muse.

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