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Self-care for your inner psychic: Explore the talents around you

Self-care for your inner psychic: Explore the talents around you

Whether or not we ever work to get "in tune with the infinite", as Professor Marvel in The Wizard of Oz said, we all deserve to show love for ourselves. 

How to care for your inner psychic

Any activity connecting the senses, the elements (air, water, earth, and fire) and healing are beneficial to anyone's well-being.

Psychics tend to be easily overstimulated. Some can get lost in their intuition, their reverie, the sense of wonder they have for the many layers of the world they experience.

Exposure to another person's method of reading, journey work, or fortune telling doesn't just bring new perspective. It can heighten one's senses, and help reinstate one's purpose.

Candles, incense, salts, crystals, and all the other bells and whistles

Why do you often see psychics with candles and incense? And crystals and salts and sometimes statues of Buddha or archangels or mermaids or fairies or dragons? It's not merely to set the mood.  Or start a conversation. Or give clients an idea of what to get their favorite psychic as a thank you gift (though I might have to start putting Pinkie Pie and a stegosaurus on my table now ...)

Psychics deal with a lot of gunk. Psychological gunk. Spiritual gunk.

Gunk that psychologists term patterns. The cycles and comfort zones we all cling to. The broken parts we sometimes seem to want to stay broken.

And the candles, crystals, and ancient or pop culture magick tools serve to help ground us. Guard us. Reassure us.

Psychics and shaman need others to foster their magick and visions

Anyone who works as a healer, whether in the Western or Eastern tradition, or in a metaphysical, holistic sense, needs to perform some self-care.

The last three psychic services I received renewed me in various facets. A tarot reading reminded me to call my aunt more often. A shamanic journey helped me understand my relationship with fear, and a spirit painting reminded me to get outside more.


The act of experiencing the talents of others renews hope. The process can also be painful or cathartic. It awakens us to the homework we need to do for ourselves.

When someone who works in the metaphysical world shares their gift with another, it honors both parties. It allows the receiver to recognize forgotten or untapped resources, or help them face hidden monsters.

Why not use self-help books? Or a psychologist?

Use both! 

I appreciate how the sunshine shifts when I pamper my inner psychic with time in nature, or a ritual I've invented. Or a reading or healing by another person in my sphere.

These activities connect you to yourself. They allow you to celebrate yourself. And most recently, when another mystically or spiritually involved person spends time focused on you, you are engaging in a greater community.

The world needs more love. And a little pampering. 

Explore the metaphysical talents and teachers near you

Meetup.com groups are a wonderful way to meet folks of a metaphysical mindset. These groups often engage their members in teaching or sharing knowledge. If you are lucky enough to live nearby, I recommend the Denver Tarot Meetup.

The Red Tent Temple movement can also provide camaraderie for women and girls. A local Red Tent offers the opportunity to embrace your femininity and share your struggles with others. I appreciate the time I spend with the Red Tent in Lexington, KY.

Finally, whether a psychic or vendor or patron, psychic fairs are a fine source for meeting mentors and people who provide services that can nurture your needs.

Tarot Night and Tea Reading Parties with Tabitha Dial at North Star Muse

I have a free event Tues Dec 8 from 7-8:30 pm at the Central Branch of the Lexington Public Library:

Create Your Fate (tarot and more)

We will discuss and swap tarot and/or oracle readings. With the holidays near, we will look at the concept of giving: How can tarot or oracle decks show us how to be more giving? What cards represent the spirit of kindness, warmth, and generosity?

How might we choose a tarot or oracle deck as a gift for others?

We'll introduce a simple spread focused on the spirit of giving, and practice reading for each other.

No experience reading tarot or oracle cards is needed. Extra decks will be on hand, if you are unable to bring one.

I am also available for Tea Reading Parties. You and three of your friends can learn how to read each others' tea, and enjoy loose leaf tea. This is a wonderful way to stimulate friendships, or relax with family or coworkers.

Children are welcome to join.

For details and to book a party online or in person, click here.

What is your self-care practice?

What do you like to do to rejuvenate or pamper yourself?

Are there any new directions you think you will go?

Remember, if you don't have a local group to support and pamper you, to provide a safe environment for learning about topics of interest, you can always start one.

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