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Bits, Bobs, & Creative Divination: 8/4/16

Bits, Bobs, & Creative Divination: 8/4/16

Welcome, sugarcubes and pokemon!

Following in the footsteps of tarot professionals like Hilary Parry (Tarot by Hilary) with her Weekly Round-Up, and Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady) and her long-running series, The Hit List., I'll be posting a collection of links to things I love around the Internet about once monthly.

Let's get this party started.


My husband and I are foodies. We like to explore unique grocery stores and different foods. After my cousin Adriana (a talented writer and photographer in her own right) shared this Epicurious video of a Japanese Supermarket, online, I am hoping for a road trip next summer!

Interested in the concept of writing as performance, or maybe you want a taste of poetry?

A friend of mine, the poet Jose Angel Araguz, shared a poem last month from one of my favorite poets on his blog, The Friday Influence.

In the summer course I’m teaching, we have been discussing ideas of writing as performance; that is, what gets going as soon as words are on the page. It’s similar to what William Stafford means when he says, “The moon you are describing is the one you are creating,” which I wrote about in a post from this Spring.
— Jose Angel Araguz

You can hear him read one of his poems for Rattle here.

And don't miss out on a chance to enjoy some free poetry (of a rather mystical, story-telling nature): his collection, "Reasons (Not) to Dance", is available as a Goodreads Book Giveaway that ends on Aug 7.


Part of my closet door Beatles collage from my old bedroom.

Part of my closet door Beatles collage from my old bedroom.

Beatles News, Side A:

My Little Pony (BIG fan! See my My Little Pony tarot spread here!) MAY have strong competition!

I LOVE The Beatles! And there's a kids' series coming out called "Beat Bugs", with covers of Beatles' songs by Pink and Sia.

Beatles News, Side B:

Ron Howard is directing a documentary of The Beatles: I counted down the days until "The Beatles Anthology" premiered when I was a teenager. I collected each CD and I made a collage out of my bedroom closet door devoted to The Beatles.

But I thought, "Mmm. do we need this?"

Then. Oh My Ringo, y'all. 

I read this about the project:

We may have a shot of a boy or a girl very early in their life at a concert, and then we may be able to find them today and talk to them, and talk to their grandchildren and see what their relationship is with the Beatles, and understand how multiple generations find tremendous value and relevance in their music.
— Ron Howard

 Being a multi-generational Beatles fan (my grandparents loved them because their kids were young during the days of Beatlemania), I will find something to appreciate.

Until then, there are 7 Clips We Want to See in Ron Howards' Beatles Documentary as well as 10 Very British References in Beatles' Songs

Creative Divination

My friend Steve Seinberg at Arrow in Flight Metaphysics and I just co-hosted #NewSpreadSaturday.

What's #NewSpreadSaturday?

#NewSpreadSaturday is a tarot/oracle spread photo challenge the last Saturday of each month. I'll do a reading with my co-host's five-card "The Story of My Life" tarot spread for newsletter subscribers in the next few weeks (get on the newsletter list here!) 

My pick for #NewSpreadSaturday's neatest astrology-inspired contribution comes from Ani Scriber, aka dascorpita on Instagram:

Our good friend Mr. Uranus went retrograde yesterday in Aries and will be hanging out that way for the next six months. What could this mean for you?! Voilá.

1. Where do I need to carve out some autonomy?
2. What loose ends might surface during this time period?
3. How can I tie them up, and finish these loose ends?
4. How can I make sure I don’t spin entirely out of control during this time?
5. What feelings have I been bottling up that might come bubbling up during this time?
6. How can I handle these bubble-ups with grace?
7. What changes in thinking/perspective could I benefit from?
8. What do I dread confronting that might come up during this time period?
9. How can I confront it with grace?
10. How can I best channel my urge to be unconventional?
— Ani Schriber

Another authentic card reader who is engaging and puts out a ton of creative content is Kristen at @otmoraclecards on Instagram and Twitter.

She is a prolific deck creator, and has started playing with her Haiku Oracle deck on social media, so that's won me over all over again!

Kristen kindly used the Psychic Shield spread I made for this last #NewSpreadSaturday, using a deck in progress she calls "Do It Now". 

What are your inspirations and happy distractions? Comment below.

I've been working on a creative divination workbook.

It began as a book to practice reading tea leaves. It is only directly inspired by tarot in a few exercises -- but there are 79 different prompts and structures for creative divination.

This book can be used for reading cards, runes, charms, or to help you inspire anything you wish, like poems, objects of art, spells, and other expressions of creativity.

I aim to send out proposals to publishers this winter. Thanks for the read.

Tabitha Dial is a tarot, tea leaf reader, and creative mentor in Lexington, Kentucky.

She has an MFA in Poetry from Colorado State University and is working on a creative divination workbook that encourages practicing tea leaf reading and can be used for any form of divination.

Her poetry has appeared in articles on
SpiralNature.com, in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two

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