Blog Hop: Romancing the Universe: A manifestation ritual with tarot

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Our assignment for this hop was provided by Joy Vernon at Completely Joyous. The theme is Awaken the Heart.


This tarot-based ritual encourages you to awaken the heart by shaping your relationship to the Universe (or the gods or Spirit, etc).

If you're inspired to live your soul's purpose, this is a useful exercise to try out.

List your expectations of the Universe

Got your mojo rising already? Here's a summary of this blog in worksheet form. Break on through to the other side!

Got your mojo rising already? Here's a summary of this blog in worksheet form. Break on through to the other side!

A vital method of defining one's thoughts about any matter is to create a list.

For the ritual of romancing the Universe, you'll write two lists.

The first list is at least three items, covering your expectations of what you will give to the Universe.

In other words, what sort of example will you set for others? What behavior do you want to exhibit? What people do you expect to serve, to learn from, and to attract?

The second list covers what you are ready to accept from the Universe. This is what you are willing to receive right now.

In other words, what, exactly, and concisely, do you want to have in your life this month or this year? What are you capable of taking on? Be realistic and extremely clear.

The more honest you are with both these lists, the better.

Wish wisely

Whatever you wish for, don't trust one ritual to do all the work.

You still gotta court the Universe for that beautiful relationship. This ritual helps awaken the heart, remember? It is up to you to keep cherishing it.

CAUTION: Be careful what you wish for. And be specific. If you are feeling truly bold, ask for happiness. But note that it may come at some price along the way. It may NOT be ANYTHING close to your assumptions. It may rock your foundation and leave you stranded on an island with a limitless supply of gin and tonics, street tacos, books, free wi-fi and the coolest technology, and all the ice cream and musicals and Muppets and Beatles and My Little Pony stuff you can stand.

Show appreciation

The ritual continues as you consider how you show appreciation for your relationship with the Universe.

Describe how you honor it with an open heart and then open your mind as you write a few sentences about how you will honor and show appreciation for your relationship with the Universe from here on out.

Create a mantra

Woo the Universe with words, baby!

I took the top item I am ready to accept from the Universe (joy), and included the three items from my list of what I will give to the Universe to create my mantra:

I have joy in the Universe — it teaches me patience, clarity, and care.

Tarot and intention

Now select tarot to speak to what you have written. Work from your mantra to gather a total of four cards, one card to represent each of these aspects. These cards will be picked specifically, not blindly or at random.

If needed, highlight key words from your writing before you do this, or meditate on each list and how you appreciate the Universe. You may also have a very clear idea of what cards represent each of the three components. 

I chose The Sun to represent joy. Care and clarity were not too difficult to find cards for: Temperance and Ace of Swords. 

After some thought, looking through the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, I decided on the Strength card for patience.

Set these cards out and label them. Use them as a visual guide to keep you on track.

How do you court the Universe?

How do you get to the heart of what you want? Do you use other techniques for manifestation? 

What might you do with these ideas?

Comment with any rituals you have, or ways that you recognize your relationship with the Universe.

Next time

Two blog hops in one day! Look for a blog on tarot for better relationships (I'm getting into those royalty cards!) -- today. On Feb 9, check back for a brief study in kisses: How lip prints indicate personality traits.

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Tabitha Dial is a tarot, tea leaf reader, and creative mentor in Lexington, Kentucky. She facilitates the Create your Fate (Tarot and more) Meetup and teaches seminars at the Mystical Paranormal Fair once a month. Her poetry has appeared in articles on, in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two.