Will the Broncos win Super Bowl 50? Tarot and tea leaf readings appear favorable

A Bronco in your tea cup

More about how animals appear in tea leaves in my blog post on  tea, bats and animal totems .

More about how animals appear in tea leaves in my blog post on tea, bats and animal totems.

As a Denver Broncos fan (My family loves them -- I was born in Colorado and lived there most of my first 35 years), I watched last night's game with great interest.

My husband suggested tea during the game, and I could not disagree.

When we'd enjoyed our tea and Denver had won, I looked into the bottom of my mug, and saw Miles, the Broncos mascot.

The Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers

Using tea leaf reading principles, an experimental Nacho Super Bowl Reading proved accurate last year.

This year, I'm inspired by Fiona Benjamin's Modified Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

Will the Broncos win Super Bowl 50?

Here's the game plan:

Card 1: The Theme of the Game
Card 2: What Blocks the Broncos
Card 3: The Recent Past
Card 4: The Near Future
Card 5: Physical Foundation
Card 6: Spiritual Guidance
Card 7: Outcome of the First Quarter
Card 8: Outcome of the Second Quarter
Card 9: Outcome of the Third Quarter
Card 10: Outcome of the Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl Dreams

The Tarot Mucha deck used for this reading indicates early on that, yes, going to the Super Bowl is the dream of all players and fans: But that it takes dedication to see through to a win.

Card 1, the Theme, is The Moon Inverted. This relates to mystery and the angst over how Denver will do: Fans have been disappointed since the back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1997 and 1998.

I got a grin out of how the towers in the background look like goal posts.

Card 2, What Blocks the Broncos, is The Lovers. I feel this card references emotional investment in winning. And equal effort: Both offense and defense must play well. 

To win, nothing can be taken personally.

The Lovers also represents choice: Maybe Brock will have to play for Peyton.

Recent Past, Near Future

In the Recent Past, Card 3, is where some of my own thoughts on sports might bleed through: The Devil Inverted. This represents how fans can vilify the other team. 

The Broncos beat the Patriots, who have been accused of a history of cheating. Yes, the evidence is pretty clear. But let's all move on.

The Near Future, in fact, might indicate a revealing scandal for Denver -- or Carolina. Card 4 is The Ten of Swords Inverted.

The Broncos will be forced to let go of something that has pinned them down in the past. Hey! Maybe this is that win fans have wanted since 1998! 

Physical and Spiritual Insight

The Knave of Pentacles is wearing an orange shoe and a blue shoe: Broncos colors.

The Knave of Pentacles is wearing an orange shoe and a blue shoe: Broncos colors.

The Physical Foundation of this reading on the Broncos winning Super Bowl 50: The Knave of Pentacles.

The card made me laugh -- the image of a young man with a pentacle (sometimes a coin, and always representative of the earth, or the fall/football season) resonates with playing American football.

His shoes are orange and blue, Broncos colors.

The card of Spiritual Guidance is the Two of Cups

Broncos, work on partnership. Remember, Denver, you play for the love of it.

Fluid communication and taking care of each other (protect the quarterback) will be key.

A look at each quarter

The end of the first quarter could be rough, as indicated with the Two of Swords. The score might be tied, or the Broncos may feel the mental focus isn't there. Perhaps this speaks to previous cards, like The Lovers (choice) and the Two of Cups -- will Brock need to play for Peyton?

The end of the second quarter looks far better. The Ace of Swords is a card of confidence! Defense could be back on top, along with a fresh start for Denver. Clarity.

The third quarter seems to end on another prosperous note for Denver. The Ten of Pentacles signifies wealth and completion. And it's that "football card suit" from the Knave of Pentacles.

This card leads me to think Denver will have possession of the ball often in the third quarter. There is a good possibility of an abundance of points. A punt may be noteworthy this quarter.

The Ace of Wands Inverted could mean a lack of momentum for Denver in the fourth quarter. If the Broncos lose their drive, things may look very good for Carolina. Overtime could be a possibility.

Final Outcome

The Three of Pentacles shows a lot of game planning and collaboration. 

This card, and even the Ace of Wands Inverted, make me wonder if Brock will be playing for Peyton during the game.


Your predictions: Who do you think will win?

Do you think you know who will win the Super Bowl this year? Do you disagree with my predictions?

Let me know in the comments!

And I'd love to hear any stories about foretelling the outcomes of any sporting events that entertain you.

Next time

The same tea leaf reading can bring visions of David Bowie, pirate ships, witches, rhinos, and more. It's all about perspective: Look for a blog on this topic Jan 26.

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