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Taking care of Toto, flying monkeys (and more): An interview with tarot reader Loreen Muzik of Glinda's Guidance

Taking care of Toto, flying monkeys (and more): An interview with tarot reader Loreen Muzik of Glinda's Guidance

Loreen Muzik is a tarot reader in Traverse City, Michigan. At Glinda's Guidance, she transforms the art of divination through her passion for the Wizard of Oz, the heroic journey, and sacred geometry.

Below is my interview with her, which may help illustrate how she works and who she is.

What came first: The call to read tarot for others, or the desire to work with the world of the Wizard of Oz?

Oz came first. I’m a story teller at heart; an imaginative soul, a creative being; reading and writing were my escape when I was young.  I tend to speak in analogies and allegories and the world opens up to me as I do.

About 5 years ago I was working with the concept of the heroic journey (something many tarotists are familiar with as the concept of the Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana) and I was searching my intuitive archives for an analogy to share with a client.  Instantly, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz came to me.  That evening the Oznalogy and the language of Oz which would become the foundation for my soul’s work, was created.

The Oznalogy asks you to open your mind and heart to a new interpretation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  This is about Dorothy's transformation... her self-discovery, her spiritual alchemy, the journey to discover her Divine essence. She is searching for herself = "home" and all the facets of her Self that make her unique - and validate her value in this World. She accesses Oz to see herself in the archetypes of the characters and to remember her true power (the infinite creative power of the ruby slippers).

I love the story for so many reasons, not the least of which is how it represents to me the heroine’s journey and how each one of us embodies each of the characters (archetypes) in this movie as we move through life on our own journey to achieve our dreams.

(You can learn more about the cast of characters and how they show up as archetypes in our quest to click our heels in this life here: http://glindasguidance.com/oznalogy/

Tarot followed shortly after my fascination with exploring Oz in a new way.  After sharing the Oznalogy with my client so that she could have a better understanding of her own heroic journey, she sent me a lovely gift… a deck of tarot cards.  She said I’d be wonderful at reading them and felt called to gift them to me.  I have always been intuitive, claircognizant primarily, so accessing my imagination as the gateway to intuition felt natural to me.

Tarot reading then became a natural extension to my coaching practice and the concept of Oz for me.  My reading philosophy revolves around using Tarot, Oracles and other forms of divination for self-exploration, self-development and strategies to help you improve your life. I purposefully focus on empowering you to take advantage of the pathways and options that are best for you; much like the advice that Glinda provided to Dorothy along her journey.

Just as Dorothy had Toto (a representation of her intuition and imagination) to guide her, we have tarot. From Toto to tarot to transformation -- the connection for me between the two worlds has been both seamless and reinforcing.  I’ve been “pulling cards” for my client and reading tarot since the receipt of that wonderful gift and my love of helping Dorothys navigate the yellow brick roads of life through tarot was born.

I love the straightforwardness of your disclaimer on your site:

"FAIR WARNING: Cellar Seekers please STAY in Kansas – Oz is ONLY for the brave of heart and those willing to engage in self-involvement and self-evolvement." 

Please expand on this statement, particularly how you define self-involvement and self-evolvement.

Self-involvement and self-evolvement to me are a willingness to be a witness to oneself and to use the knowledge and wisdom gained from that experience to evolve, to expand our perceptions, to elevate our resonance and to heighten our spiritual consciousness.  The tornado that swoops Dorothy up and off to Oz is the bridge from consciousness to higher consciousness and in the shape of a spiral – the divine sequence of nature, the Fibonacci sequence.  It is the shape of our DNA, the shape of the trajectory of our very planet through space.  It represents the revolution of the evolution of our being, our consciousness.  

I say Cellar Seekers please STAY in Kansas because…let’s face it, not everyone is ready for the "Oz" journey ... to face the monkeys... to desire to know oneself so deeply that she is willing to go into battle with the Witch (who represents our Ego).  Sometimes it's just much easier for us to stay asleep in the poppies or live among the fantasies of lollipops and gumdrops in Munchkinland where all appears blissfully happy on the outside and we’d much rather have others fight our battles for us (as they gleefully send Dorothy off to kill the other wicked witch).

What makes your readings a gift for the brave of heart?

Each of us can relate to the idea of wanting to know who we truly are… what our purpose is in life… what our unique powers and voice can hold… and we can relate to being afraid to face our fears in order to achieve our ultimate dreams. We want to click our heels and return home!  But too often we cannot see what we cannot witness, we do not know what we do not know or remember and the journey feels more dizzying than evolutionary.

Tarot acts as a phenomenal witness to our very being.  A reading can highlight the flying monkeys (your fears and doubt) on your journey, it can show you if you are headed to the Emerald City or the Dark Forest, if you have encountered a Wizard who seeks to deceive you.  Likewise it can illuminate your support system, your scarecrow thoughts, your tin man passions, and your courage to take inspired action like the lion.  Folks can find out what to leave behind in Kansas as well as some encouraging inspiration and advice from Glinda who is always there to sprinkle a little snow if you’ve fallen asleep in the poppies.

The gift then is that once you are awake to the elements of your current trajectory, then it becomes much easier to release your blocks.  At a minimum you’ll be able to swat down a few of those flying monkeys.  You may even be able to finally pour water on the witch who seeks to take the power of your ruby slippers for herself.  And as you continue to navigate your yellow brick road, you can reveal and understand the unique pattern to click your heels, to find your way “home”.

You refer to Toto as an archetype of intuition and imagination, and that dogs represent what humans can be. Honoring this part of ourselves is something important to you, and many tarot readers and seekers.

What are simple ways that you recommend we care for, feed, and play with our intuition and imagination, using Toto as a metaphor?

Our intuition/imagination is our most important faculty available to the human soul - it will NOT be contained it will always seek freedom – just as Toto always escapes the clutches of the Witch (and Elmira Gultch when they are still in Kansas).  Likewise the intuition will not be made a fool just as Toto pulls back the curtain on the Wizard.  Our intuition is loyal, unconditionally loving and always has our best interest at heart, as dedicated to us as Toto is to Dorothy, as any dog we have in our lives as companions. So we must care for it as we would our most cherished pet.

Feed Toto

Our intuition, like Toto, though unconditionally supportive, does require care and nurturing.  Everyday our pets need food and water, shelter from the elements.  Nurture your intuition as you would Toto. Feed your intuition with wonderful wisdom, give it something to chew on, ask it questions, seek guidance from it every day.  Give it opportunities to feed information and insights back to you as it becomes fuller when it knows it has served you.  

Protect Toto

Just as you put a leash on Toto so that he won’t be stolen by Elmira Gultch and you would release that leash once he’s safe and sound in his bed in your home, take care to honor and protect your intuition. Protect your energy throughout the day. This can be as simple as pulling your aura in closer to you for the day to protect it or you may have a protective symbol that you like to use or a crystal. Likewise at the end of the day, clear out any toxic energy in your field, cut any energetic cords that may have become attached throughout your day.  Again this can be as simple as unhooking the leash from Toto, you might simply ask for your higher self to come and spend a moment with you to sever the energetic cords that have become tied to you for the day.

Greet Toto

Connect to your intuition every day.  You wouldn’t come home from work and ignore Toto, would you? No, you’d greet him at the door and he you with a wagging tail and anticipation of your time together.  Your intuition awaits you every day and joyfully accepts the time you connect.  Much like dogs, our intuition does not require much to be happy – a very simple greeting will do.  When you set the intention that you are saying hello to your higher self or connecting to it, you recognize that the two of you are connected.  All you need do is to BE PRESENT. C’mon, let them sit on your lap as you relax at the end of the day or at least sit at your feet.

Take Toto for a Walk

Toto, like so many other dogs, is curious and highly intelligent and needs to explore in order not to become restless.  For dogs, going for a walk is like reading the newspaper, it has all kinds of intriguing information that stretches their mind, and feeds their curiosity.  Take your intuition for walks!  Stretch your intuition, give it a chance to explore new avenues, read with a new deck, try oracles instead of tarot, heck branch out into palmistry, tea leaf reading or automatic writing.  Give it a chance to draw in new information and expand its reach.  You may feel tired at the end of the session but, you’ll have an entirely new route you are familiar with and it makes the normal “routine” that you’ve become static with exciting and new again.  

Play Fetch with Toto

Most dogs LOVE to play, they are full of joy! Just like you would play fetch with Toto for fun… play fetch with your intuition. Be playful with your intuition, ask for guidance and then ask for it to show you the answers through signs or to give you information in a new way; if you are like me and most comfortable with tarot or oracle cards, set those aside for this game of fetch.  Toss out your question and then be present for the answer to return to you in a new way.  Perhaps you’ll start noticing animals come into your experience or numbers will pop out at you, perhaps you’ll see signs on the road or passages in books will suddenly profoundly impact you.  Be present and patient; ever toss the ball for your dog and then walk away?  Did they come find you?  Bring that ball in the house; drop it at your feet?  Fetch with intuition may not be as immediate as fetch with a dog but, your answer will be returned to you and your intuition will NEVER grow tired of the game.

Pay Attention to Toto

Dogs bark!  And when they do, they are usually trying to voice something; they may want your attention because they need to go out or they may sense that there is a threat and you need to be protected.  Admittedly sometimes they’ll just nudge you, pull at you or place their paw on you.  When your intuition nudges you… pay attention.  Toto was the one to pull back the curtain and expose the Wizard as nothing more than an ordinary man.  How does your intuition nudge you?

Pay attention to the senses in your physical being, be it messages you hear, feel, taste, see or think.  Get to know your intuition’s language… is it barking at you (usually easiest to notice), growling, whining, nudging, just pawing?  Just as with dogs, our intuition has its own unique language and it is always trying to communicate with us to serve our higher good. We learn how our dogs communicate via their patterns and repetition; you will learn the language of your intuition the same way.  Be patient and present and it will reveal itself as a useful resource.  

Any advice on flying monkeys?

Absolutely I have advice on those flying monkeys. The flying monkeys are nothing more than your fears and limiting beliefs, which serve only to send you back into Munchkinland.  Remember that the Witch represents our Ego and the flying monkeys are the slaves to her domain, nothing more than the Ego launching doubtful thoughts our way.

They present themselves when you don’t recognize your divine worth and you allow yourself to be drained of your source of spiritual gifts. They can be seen and are most influential when the traditions and beliefs you have come to accept from your childhood in Kansas are being challenged and tested.  

You’ll find that they pop up to plant seeds of self-doubt; to whisper nasty little statements to you which will have you questioning yourself and your path.  “Wouldn’t it just be easier to go back to Munchkinland and have Glinda watch over you there?

These monkeys are much like societal norms, fervent religions, media messages, developed to control us through fear.  The Witch truly hopes that her advertising is working on you and soon enough you’ll turn your slippers over to her.

How to Swat Down the Flying Monkeys

Remember that our thoughts and our feelings are not enough to manifest our desires; we must also take inspired action. In this case, we must harness our inner Lion and with the confidence of a KING, harness the true essence of our courage, KNOW that we are worthy and simply demand our birthright.

If you find yourself in the Dark Forest, know that you have embarked on a great adventure.  With each step forward your confidence grows, the false whispers, the doubts, the fears, start to crumble away and wash right through you – that is how you swat down the flying monkeys – just keep taking action forward!

A Tip from Toto

When you feed the monkeys and dwell on the doubts they deliver, they will grow in number and strength and you will be calling upon yourself an army of monkeys even more difficult to overcome.

Instead, give thanks for your infinite power, focus on your ruby slippers, pick em up and just put one foot in front of the other, moving forward. Remember that those monkeys are powerless to do more than simply transport you closer to the entrapment of your Ego voice.

My current favorite tarot spread is the “Swat Down a Flying Monkey Spread” – great to find out what monkeys are lurking on your adventure and how to harness the power of your ruby slippers to swat them down and keep moving closer to home! 

Anything else we should know about you?

What I have shared with you here is a sneak peek behind my own curtain, a glimpse of a passion project that I have been working on for quite some time.  In addition to my tarot coaching (what I affectionately call my yellow brick road tours) I plan to release my first book in 2016. The working title is “The Ruby Slipper Principles - Dare to Click Your Heels & Reveal Your Infinite Power.” Within it I reveal the full Oznalogy and the principles which serve as a guide to help you navigate your yellow brick road and have you clicking your heels right home.

On the heels of that (pun intended) I have been allowing another wonderful experience to reveal itself… “From Toto to Tarot – a Good Witches Guide to Harnessing Your Intuition”. So, my love of Oz continues to expand and express itself through my being and business.  Every day I am fascinated by the twists and turns of my yellow brick road and charmed by the delightful beings I meet who expand my experience and consciousness every day.

Many thanks to Loreen for this most insightful interview!

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