Deal with it: A tarot spread to ease the soul (and help with relationships)

As we go to the family table, and prepare for the holiday season with its joys and demands, here is one approach to help clear our energy:

The "Deal With It!" tarot spread.

With every challenge in life, there is something to accept and leave behind. Important interview? Difficult work dynamics? Exes in Texas? 

Tarot provides a clean framework for examining these dynamics, along with quick, yet often in-depth advice on how to handle unsavory situations.

Try this spread to address:

  1. Anxiety or tension

  2. Obsession

  3. Issues with business or personal relationships

Deal With It Tarot Spread.jpg


A Possible Way to Deal

In this example, the seeker is a serious student in his first year of a rigorous program. What do the cards want him to know about handling his week of midterms?

Accept (Card One):  The King of Swords

The student is encouraged to accept that he can use his intellect to serve him without fail. He's a king! A master, who has achieved a great deal already, simply through admittance into the academic program.

Leave Behind (Card Two): High Priestess

Don't keep things under wraps. It's advised that the student be open about the fact he is seeking knowledge. It's possible, too, that it might serve him well to discard any beliefs he may have that his higher education is too sacred, or a hidden mystery. 

He may benefit from considering whether his approach to his education has enveloped him in illusion. Are his concepts of wisdom against his concepts of academic excellence? The High Priestess lies between two extremes.

Deal With It (Card Three): Strength

The seeker is advised to be strong, composed, and trust himself.

As Lunea Weatherstone wrote in the text for the Tarot Mucha deck I used for this reading, true courage is "not the lack of fear, but the strength to move beyond it and embrace the unknown."

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Click the banner to go to the Free Live Q&A this Thursday evening. Your questions are welcome there now.

Tabitha Dial is a tarot, tea leaf reader, and creative mentor in Lexington, Kentucky. She facilitates the Create your Fate (Tarot and more) Meetup and teaches seminars at the Mystical Paranormal Fair once a month. Her poetry has appeared in articles on, in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two.