Self-love for creative people and their projects: Lucky stars and tarot readings

Above all, be kind to yourself!

Above all, be kind to yourself!

My favorite people to read tarot and tea leaves for are creatives: writers, artists, dancers, thespians, healers, My Little Pony fans ... Really! You may not think of fans of a cartoon show about brightly colored ponies as creative, but many really are. And I love that show, so it's nice when I can reference those characters and the workings of Equestria.

This is an example of a Lucky Star tarot reading. This is one of a number of them done around Christmas. Because the question centered around completing creative projects, a subject so many of us relate to, I wanted to highlight this particular example in a blog.

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When asked about the hope or goal she wanted her reading to focus on, my client said, My goal is to overcome whatever is stopping me from completing my creative projects.”

Your card is The Wheel of Fortune, from Tarot Mucha.

This card prompts me to encourage you to explore a couple questions. What is driving your creativity? What might be holding your muse hostage?

I also feel a few suggestions are recommended by this card.

First, let go of the expectation of fame, and examine the possibility that fear may be holding you back, as it so often and so easily does with us all. Fear can be an addiction. It is worth noting this possibility and working to undo its influence.

Second, don’t regret lost time -- use your time. I feel that showing up for your muse at the same time every day will nurture you and your projects. It will reinforce your passion and your confidence will gain momentum.

Finally, who are you spending your time with? Do you have creative people around you? Are you absorbing inspiring ideas? Do you admire the people you are closest to?

Great books to read that can help you complete your creative projects include “The War of Art” and “Big Magic”. If you have any rose quartz, I feel that that will help you focus on self-love.

I wish you much luck in your pursuits -- please keep me updated.

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Luck hasn't run out! Check back in March 15 for a blog sharing a special tarot spread you can use in honor of St Patrick's Day -- or simply to check in with yourself at any time.

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Tabitha Dial is a tarot, tea leaf reader, and creative mentor in Lexington, Kentucky. She facilitates the Create your Fate (Tarot and more) Meetup and teaches seminars at the Mystical Paranormal Fair once a month. Her poetry has appeared in articles on , in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two.