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It's March Mantras! A social media challenge with tea for the winner

It's March Mantras! A social media challenge with tea for the winner

As a bit of a social media butterfly, I enjoy witnessing the Instagram challenges folks put together, and I love sending packages to others. The March Mantras challenge allows me to indulge in both, by giving away a generous bag of Madame Grey from Happy Lucky's Teahouse.

A mantra is a personal motto

Some mantras are as simple as "Let go", and they often use the first person: "I am one with the universe."

Fifteen example of excellent mantras can be found here.

Read this blog on romancing the universe for an exercise in how to create a mantra, like the one pictured here.

Social Media Challenges

A social media challenge encourages participants to regularly update their social media accounts with a response to the challenge of the day.

The challenge can range in time period: One, for example, is only the last Saturday of the month (#newspreadSaturday), hosted by myself at @TabithaDial and Arrow in Flight at @arrow.in.flight.

Participants are asked to include a hashtag (this one is #MarchMantras) and to tag the host of the challenge. In this case, that's @TabithaDial.

The duration of this challenge is 31 days, and features a mix of tarot and common tea leaf reading symbols.

Mantras, mantras, mantras

It can help to work with your own theme as you engage in a month-long challenge, if you're allowed some freedom, as I've worked to do with March Mantras. I hope to see interpretations across social media.

Maybe you can use this month-long challenge to reinforce a key part of your New Years Resolution, or to explore something new you have learned about yourself or something you want to learn about the world.

My own theme for March Mantras is "giving", as I'm also donating 10% of all reading sales to GreenHouse17, a partnership I'll share more about in the next blog.

About that prize: Happy Lucky's Teahouse

Happy Lucky's came to mind as the perfect place to request tea as a prize for March Mantras. I was honored to begin reading tea at their shop in Fort Collins, Colorado for their fifth anniversary. That was how I learned about their giving nature.

As stated on their website, 
Co-owner's George and Kari Grady Grossman are also the co-founders of Sustainable Schools International, a non-profit supporting education in Cambodia. Happy Lucky's donates 10% of profits to Sustainable Schools International

Tips to tackle 31 Days of Mantras

March Mantras Example Day 1.jpg
  1. Make creating each mantra for the month a part of your daily ritual. Pick the same time each day. Stick to it.
  2. Repeat the same word again and again until something awesomely yours comes out (and it will). The same word might be that day's assigned suggestion, like The Hierophant on March 5.
  3. What's a Hierophant? Don't let tarot terminology scare you off. If you want that tea prize, and are a whiz at mantras or want to explore them, this is a great time to either work off-the-cuff and play with sounds, or warm up the search engines and learn something new.
  4. Don't be a perfectionist. That's SO UN-ZEN, MAN! Mantras are all about finding inner peace. Being stuck on how well you are writing your mantras will NOT help you get through 31 days of them.
  5. Keep it simple. A mantra is easy to remember and repeat. String a couple key words that come to mind with the day's suggestion, and your mantra is on its way!

March on with your zen selves!

To make the March Mantras challenge a success for you, I suggest you don't go it alone!

Not only do I hope you'll encourage friends to join you on the challenge, but this advice might help: Consider working your way through all or some of the days with a mantra that is also a favorite quote, as Happy Lucky's Teahouse suggested: "Tea is life enjoy and share daily" - George Grossman.

(Why not let movie quotes and lyrics inspire you, if they also relate to the daily suggestion in the March Mantras challenge?)

Mantra makers can break rules

You have time now to plan your mantras ahead. And if you miss a few days, you are always welcome to catch up. Maybe you'll "batch" your mantras in pairs or triples. 

Play along! Happy Lucky's serves up amazing tea, and you won't want to miss out on this prize!

Next Time

On March 1, expect a new tarot spread inspired by the nonprofit GreenHouse17, nurturing lives harmed by intimate partner abuse.

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Tabitha Dial is a tarot, tea leaf reader, and creative mentor in Lexington, Kentucky. She facilitates the Create your Fate (Tarot and more) Meetup and teaches seminars at the Mystical Paranormal Fair once a month. Her poetry has appeared in articles on SpiralNature.com, in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two.

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