My Little Pony Tarot Spread with advice and an identity for everypony

Since I began watching it four years ago, I've been a rabid fan of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (created by Lauren Faust, copyrighted by Hasbro).

Why watch cartoons like My Little Pony?

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is more than simple and colorful. It is a universe where creativity and hope abound. Major themes include understanding your life purpose and the importance of friendship. 

While I rarely if ever re-watch an episode, I relish each one and follow a Facebook group that sometimes provokes compelling conversations about the characters, themes and messages within the cartoon, and points out pop culture references and other patterns.

Inventive characters: Magic is Archetypal

Archetypes (energies or forces recognized across cultures) are plenty.

Some of my favorite archetypes include an unpredictable trickster god, a princess alicorns who rules the night, and dreams, and has a dark side (the alter ego "The Mare in the Moon") and a zebra shaman who lives in the Everfree Forest and gives advice in rhyming couplets. 

It's fun to watch the writers and artists play with the world and characters like these three.

The cartoons also bring cheer, and why not have something to escape to that makes you feel warm inside?

The Elements of Harmony:
Loyalty, Laughter, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, and Magic

Each of the "mane six" pony characters exhibit an Element of Harmony. Together they are able to conquer a variety of enemies and difficult situations. 

Signature traits are referenced in the theme song for the show. Each trait describes one of the main characters. The lyrics inspired my My Little Pony Tarot Spread.

The positions for this spread are:

1- Big Adventure (Where do you get your sense of adventure from?)

2- Tons of Fun (What makes you laugh?)

3- A Beautiful Heart (What’s at the core of your relationships?)

4- Faithful and Strong (What inspires you to work to your utmost potential?)

5- Sharing Kindness (Where do you give or receive kindness?)

6- Magic (What does magic mean to you?) 

An example of the My Little Pony Tarot Spread
with the Tarot Mucha

Using my go-to Tarot Mucha deck, I asked, "What are my Elements of Harmony (the traits of the "mane six" ponies) in my life today?"


1- Big Adventure (Where do you get your sense of adventure from?)

The Empress:

That which helps me grow and be creative gives me a sense of adventure.

I like to explore myself through writing.

Universal Message:

Helping your dreams grow is no small task. Each time you work on your life purpose, you are creating an empire!





2- Tons of Fun (What makes you laugh?)

The Eight of Swords:

Apparently I laugh at the illusion of being trapped by the mind and its limitations. This ties into The Devil being my card of the year.

(You can read about cards of the year and The Devil card at this blog)

Universal Message:

When the Eight of Swords represents your concept of what makes you laugh, consider whether you treat your limitations and illusions as humorous or not. Can you laugh about your boundaries, or are you using sarcasm to cover up what holds you back?

Don't live in regret. 

20160411_133625 (1).jpg

3- A Beautiful Heart (What’s at the core of your relationships?)

Three of Pentacles:

I enjoy working with others. On April 11, when I did this reading, I began a possible collaboration on a future project, and was working with another couple of people on another regular gig.

Universal Message:

Remember that generosity relies on the interaction of others.

Be prepared to cooperate and put ego aside to create your fate.


4- Faithful and Strong (What inspires you to work to your utmost potential?)

The Queen of Wands

This card, from my first tarot deck (the Universal Waite), was my significator. In this deck, it still acts as a representation of myself when I see it in readings for myself. I think, then, that The Queen of Wands here says that my belief that each individual must live up to their own potential is what inspires me. 

This queen also represents fire, passion, and enterprise. She's ambitious and driven by creativity.

Universal Message:

Your utmost potential is connected to you -- the stories you tell about yourself and the stories you let others tell.

Be true to you, and true to your word.

5- Sharing Kindness (Where do you give or receive kindness?

Four of Pentacles:

Oh, how you haunt me!

This card has turned up time and again for me -- to me, it represents a scarcity mindset, where you believe you do not have enough money or resources and that clouds all your decisions and how you see yourself and others. I can't let finances cramp my style.

The day I did this reading, I found out the car I share with my husband requires a big (but thankfully not gigantic) repair bill.

Universal Message:

Let go of your fears and let love flow through you!

Bless and respect your money by storing it "right and tight", as Marie Forleo explains, here.

6- Magic (What does magic mean to you?)

The Ace of Cups Inverted (upside down): 

Looks like I feel emotionally depleted when it comes to magic.

This speaks to how just yesterday I was blessed with an idea for a book on tea leaf reading. I wrote up the initial idea and a few specifics when the inspiration struck. But I haven't committed to a set schedule to honor that project.

Fitting that this card is a cup turned over, isn't it?

Universal message:

Magic means nothing if you don't give it a space of honor in your daily life.


What pony are you? Please comment

Is there one card or card position that you felt a strong fondness for?

What about the one you liked least?

These clue you in to which pony you are! 

That which you are attracted to, you are a master of. People love you because of how you are like one of the following ponies. 

That which you like the least represents what you most need to work on at this time in your life. This is the pony who can teach you a new lesson about yourself.

If you picked position 1, or the message of the Empress, you are Rainbow Dash

If you picked position 2, or the message of the Eight of Swords, you are Pinkie Pie

If you picked position 3, or the message of the Three of Pentacles, you are Rarity

If you picked position 4, or the message of the Queen of Wands, you are Apple Jack

If you picked position 5, or the message of the Four of Pentacles, you are Fluttershy

If you picked position 6, or the message of the Ace of Cups inverted, you are Twilight Sparkle

Special Note

Before I became a fan of the show, Ciaran Benson created a 9-card My Little Pony tarot spread that can be read various ways. She is also an artist working on her own My Little Pony themed tarot deck. Read more at Equestrian Daily.

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