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Psychics at Play: Tarot reader, astrologer, and tea magician Paige Zaferiou

Psychics at Play: Tarot reader, astrologer, and tea magician Paige Zaferiou

I recently had the honor of interviewing my friend and long-haired, cat-cuddling inspiration, Paige Zaferiou (zah-FAIRY-oo) -- a true psychic at play. She is a tarot and astrology reader, medium, and folk magic practitioner. As she says, she's "on a mission to infuse the world with magic. When she’s not slinging cards or brewing tea, you can usually find her lost in a book or updating her witchy blog at paigezaferiou.com."

Bringing tea magic to moments of transition

North Star Muse: You are both an enthusiastic, lively woman, and you guide people, as a reader, through times of uncertainty. In your "Elements of Tea Magic" event at Catland Bookstore, you shared the five basic tea elements and their magical qualities. Do you use these elements in a playful way to benefit people in transition? Can you share how?

Paige: Awww -  blush! Thank you so much for the kind words, Tabitha. What an excellent question! 

When it comes to dealing with transition, the way I most often apply the elements of tea magic is by simply engaging in a daily tea-making practice. The tea plant is a proven medicine for both body and soul; to paraphrase an old saying, it calms the nerves, clears the mind, and energizes the body.


Where the elements come into play is the selection of a specific tea. I might recommend a certain variety of tea depending on the kind of transition: for example, if one was dealing with a break-up and feeling very damp, down, and discouraged, I might recommend fiery black tea. Conversely, if they were feeling emotionally blocked I might recommend watery oolong tea to help open the heart and get those feelings flowing.

And tea can help us create ritual and ceremony around transition, which is always a good idea. Getting together for tea with your circle, coven, or friendly neighborhood diviner could be just the thing. There's a reason that putting the kettle on is one of the first things grandmas do when tragedy strikes! It can be lighthearted yet creates the perfect space in which to have deep or heavy talks. And of course, tea and tarot go together like bread and butter, unless you're gluten and dairy intolerant in which case would you like some guacamole and corn chips?

Tea as personal medicine

North Star Muse: How does your skill of working with tea as a sacred art connect with -- and enhance -- your ability to remain a positive psychic who helps others find clarity in loss?

Paige: Tea is absolutely my own best medicine. Drinking it intentionally on the daily is enormously helpful in remaining positive and doing the often difficult work of being a diviner. It keeps the machine of me running smoothly so that I can show up 100% for my clients - and the ritual of teatime can provide a useful boundary between working and not-working. Have a cuppa tea to energize at the beginning of the work day; have another cuppa tea to relax and recognize the end of the work day.

Paige's soul-food

North Star Muse: Who or what inspires you to create (perhaps blogging, meditations, spellwork, or your pursuits around tea and tarot)?

Paige: Music. My beloveds. Good stories. Going to museums and galleries. Reading books. Walking in the cemetery. Spending time at the beach, the forest, or other natural places with fresh air and sky.

All of these things refresh my spirit and are abundant with inspirational omens, curious creatures, and stimulating soul-food. I get my best ideas when I'm engaging with these friends.


North Star Muse: I define creative divination as inspiration via tarot, dreams, tea leaf readings, symbols and such, that ignites one to think, act, or create in a way that promotes contentment. That zen moment may be found in writing a new blog or poem, composing a new song, choreographing a new dance, or the revision of or return to an every day task. What is one way you find creative divination, and how you think others can experience something like it for themselves?

Creative Divination

Paige: I love this!! I live for that zen moment. One way that I find creative divination is, and I know this isn't a glamorous answer, daily practices. Sitting down with my watercolors and moving them around the paper. Doing active imagination each morning after I rise. Walking in the cemetery. Journaling about my dreams and daily cards.

By repeating these actions daily - or as close to daily as I can get - I've created space in which inspiration can visit me. I've made a home for inspiration in my life. You can still receive inspiration without the daily container, but it'll come less frequently and you may be less prepared for it when it does arrive.

I don't create to my satisfaction every single day, of course, but over time the amount of inspired works - whether ephemeral dances, impromptu songs, or lasting works of art - builds into a body of work from which I can derive deep soul satisfaction.

How do you do your creative divination? What does your type of tea magic look like? Comment below.

I've been working on a creative divination workbook.

It began as a book to practice reading tea leaves. It is only directly inspired by tarot in a few exercises -- but there are 79 different prompts and structures for creative divination.

This book can be used for reading cards, runes, charms, or to help you inspire anything you wish, like poems, objects of art, spells, and other expressions of creativity.

Thanks for the read.

Tabitha Dial strives to help folks like you create your fate with tarot and tea leaf readings.

She has an MFA in Poetry from Colorado State University and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. She is working on a creative divination workbook that encourages practicing tea leaf reading and can be used for any form of divination.

Her poetry has appeared in articles on
SpiralNature.com, in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two.

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