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Wildlife Crossing: Rabbits in tea leaf readings

Wildlife Crossing: Rabbits in tea leaf readings

I have a fondness for rabbits. One appeared at a turning point in my life when I believed I would not be able to fulfill the only dream that mattered in my youth. I wanted so much to be one of the young ladies showing off flags and choreography in the color guard in marching band, but could not manage to perform the routine and move to all my marks when we rehearsed.

My father was a chaperone, and the director asked him to privately ask me if I would consider joining the saxophone line. The band could use another saxophonist, and I had experience as a clarinetist. 

I wanted my dream so dearly that I had froze on the practice field. My heart broke when I realized the gravity of my self-limits. And then my father spotted the rabbit, securing its place as a symbol that I was on the right path, but, that all things worth doing will be difficult. You gotta kick through it.

And dig into your burrow and rest when you need.

Beyond fertility: A symbol of joyful potential

According to Regula Meyer, author of Animal Messengers, "The rabbit turns light into life," and represents the "medicine of expansion".

Meyer encourages others to examine their attitude toward life when they spot a rabbit: "Are you ready to let light into your life, to radiate happiness, and thereby to courageously support the expansion of your being?"

omething about that rabbit that summer when I struggled to do so well in marching band brought out my desire for happiness. 

The rabbit connects us to our inner work

Rabbits are depicted throughout cultures during spring and Easter. They remind us to accept life and hop along.

One of the facets of life we may encounter includes the need to help others (or a part of ourselves) on our journey.

This rabbit appears to be aiding a mouse. Perhaps the mouse is another person. It may represent a nagging fear, and mark a moment when the seeker will begin to help themselves through that fear.

This looks like another mammal I've encountered much more recently in a tea leaf reading: a bear.

I mean that both these animals appeared to be humans dressed as a rabbit, seen here, or as a bear.

This can be interpreted as how the seeker for the tea leaf reading is living their life. Are they dressed up to entertain others? Are they fulfilling an obligation to play the Easter Bunny, for example? Or are they fiercely following their own path, dressed as if they are a shaman understanding the nature of the animal in the tea cup?

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Tabitha Dial is a tarot, tea leaf reader, and creative mentor in Lexington, Kentucky. She facilitates the Create your Fate (Tarot and more) MeetupHer poetry has appeared in articles on SpiralNature.com, in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two.

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