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Five reasons not to resist a psychic reading

Five reasons not to resist a psychic reading

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Anyone who hasn't had an intuitive reading, or has perhaps had only a few experiences with a psychic may resist seeing one. 

But there's little to fear.

Here are five common reasons people do not visit tarot readers, and how to give those reasons another look.


1. It's going to be bad

You're convinced your reading will be frightful and fraught with disaster.

The Death card will be drawn, your fate sealed!

An ethical tarot reader will be able to help you understand the depth of the cards. In most cases, you'll be reminded that Death indicates finality and termination. And reassured: with Death comes transition.

If you respect the reader's time and energy, together you can dig deeper into the meaning of cards that might upset or alarm you.

2. My reader will scam and entrap me

No good reader will pressure you into paying a large sum of money to remove a curse or hex. 

I've known few readers who conduct their business this way. I've worked in the mystical field in/around Denver, Colorado and Lexington, Kentucky. My peers have been at spiritual stores and metaphysical fairs. 

Rarely will a psychic harm you. Follow your gut, too. If that reader seems skevy, avoid him or her.

3. I'll waste my time and money

I'll sit there for five or ten minutes and learn nothing helpful.

Often, readers do end up confirming something you already know. If you want more than that, be prepared with your purpose for your reading. And request your particular needs.

The more specific you can be with what you need from your experience, the more likely you'll walk away feeling you heard something that's customized and of value to you -- because, obviously, you asked for it.

4. Tarot? Those are the devil's cards!

Psychics! They work with the unexplained. They know too much. They walk on the edge of darkness, hand-in-hand with the ugliest of shadows. They understand the language of monsters.

True? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Yet I can't think of anyone who casts cards to honor or increase the world's evil. 

What one culture sees as demonic, we take very seriously as a duty to serve and help others. Because we can carry such intense responsibility, aware of that devil in us all, psychics understand the importance of clarity and self-care.

We can help interpret the scariest concerns you have. We can empathize with your deep, dark secrets. Honey, we're very much like therapists -- we get asked all sorts of sordid questions, and we intend to help you reach your best self.  

We may seem superhuman but our flaws are what have taught us the lessons that make us capable of directing you away from the gloom and into the light of your best self.

5. It's trivial to see a psychic

It's also trivial to live a life unexamined. 

Psychics give you a sense of yourself from a different angle. 

Your reader's approach could be analytical/psychological, spiritual/holistic, or focused on predicting the future.

That is something to consider before you see a psychic (I find myself a mix of all of the above).

A little psychology or spiritual healing is no trivial matter. 

And even if you believe the future can't be predicted, possible outcomes based on current and past patterns are very interesting to consider. And often quite revealing and useful. 

Examine your life. Create your fate.

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Tabitha Dial is a tarot, tea leaf reader, and creative mentor in Lexington, Kentucky.  Her poetry has appeared in articles on SpiralNature.com, in "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two.

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