How much do you charge? 

My rates are available at my purchase page.

How accurate are your readings?

My readings prove accurate, insightful, and helpful, time and time again. My readings have made lasting impressions. Please read some of the praise my readings have received.

How do tea leaf readings work? Why get one?

By reading the patterns of loose leaf tea left in a cup, I interpret solutions to problems, find new approaches to your life, or look into almost anything you ask me to investigate. It's an analytical and imaginative method of divining the shape of your needs and possibilities.

Tea leaf readings are a perfect way to explore yourself and any concerns you have. It often brings information from animal totems and can uncover your personal signature.

What is Creative Mentorship? Can you use tarot to help motivate me?

When you are creatively locked, feel at a loss emotionally, or your bucket list is getting rusty and dusty, a Creative Mentorship Reading is your best bet to kick that rut in the butt.

I’ve witnessed the thick and thin of relationships, job, family, and physical and mental health issues. Sometimes you need to reassess and reinvent. My advice does not trump a professional doctor's or lawyer's, but tarot inventively helps break through many blocks.

Through reflection, meditation, and tarot, these readings specifically hone in on how you can reignite your passions and your purpose.

A pat on the back and a big hug are nice, but if you want encouragement and specific ideas to lead you on to your potential, get Creative Mentorship. Expect rewarding and fun homework.

How do I get a Creative Mentorship that uses a tea leaf reading?

Creative Flame and Creative Fire Readings can incorporate tea leaves. Just let me know if you want to see the unique synchronicity that method unfolds.

Are you psychic? Can you predict things like when I will meet my true love?

My work is purpose-driven. I'm able to see possible outcomes based on current situations and past patterns. I look at individuals. I can help you understand important things you can do to prepare for true love, but it's up to you to own who you are and your life goals.

I believe it's healthy to be curious about our futures. But we're best served when we determine what we can do about the future. Helping direct the future is my intention. Many small decisions are made daily that impact overall outcomes.


How does email work? How can it work if we’re talking on the phone?
Isn’t it better if we’re face to face?

I've had some of my most fulfilling and intimate readings over the phone and in email. Psychic readings work because they rely on perception, intuition, and reflection.

As one of the most undeniable means you interact with your loved ones, why would phone and email not have deep impact in the mystical sense? Through email and on the phone, my readings consistently leave an inspiring impact, keeping ideas and more flowing days -- often weeks-- later.

The best part? You can reference your readings later. I record and email phone readings. No scrambling to take notes.