Who is North Star Muse?

Tabitha Dial began North Star Muse as a means to connect to others through tarot, tea leaf reading, and creative mentor work. She appreciates people of all types, including writers and other creatives, giving readings that suggest new perspectives or present small tasks to cultivate support, belonging and healing, or spark creativity.

She has an MFA in poetry from Colorado State University. Her poetry and books reviews have appeared in articles on SpiralNature.com, in the award-winning "Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology", and in "Tarot in Culture" Volume Two. She has shared examples of tarot poetry and basic methods for composing your own in "An introduction to writing tarot poetry" and "Tarot and Poetry: Your Inner GPS". 

Her current manuscript is a creative divination workbook that introduces and enhances tea leaf reading practices. The book can serve to ignite any modality of artistry, whether visual, musical, written, or related to tarot, runes, or other tools for intuition, imagination, and introspection.

North Star Muse values community and believes that kindness is a resource that must be shared. Tabitha has read tea leaves to benefit the Harry Potter AllianceLexpectro Patronum, and raised more than $200 for charities such as GreenHouse17 to help support survivors of intimate partner abuse in 17 counties in Kentucky, and International Medical Corps to assist refugees. 

She and Steve Seinberg of Arrow in Flight Metaphysics co-facilitate #NewSpreadSaturday every final Saturday of the month, to encourage tarot enthusiasts to share their own tarot spreads across TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Tabitha is from Colorado and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. A fan of inquiry and inclusion, she gathered and shared responses to the question #WhatIsTarotFor? from the likes of The Fountain Tarot creators, Mary K Greer, Lon Milo DuQuette, and Denver Tarot Meetup facilitator Joy Vernon while participating in TarotCon Denver. Read about her experience at the conference in the article "Creativity and Revolution at TarotCon Denver 2015."

Left to Right: Jason Lenzini, Lon Milo Duquette, Lisa De St Croix, sam Harper, Mary K Greer,  Kai. Answer What Tarot Is For for them at TarotCon Denver 2015.

Left to Right: Jason Lenzini, Lon Milo Duquette, Lisa De St Croix, sam Harper, Mary K Greer,  Kai. Answer What Tarot Is For for them at TarotCon Denver 2015.

Why Tea Leaf Readings?

What makes us human is that we are curious about our futures and we honor our ancestors. Tabitha began to read tea leaves because of her connection to her maternal grandmother. Legend has it that Tabitha's grandmother learned geomancy (reading patterns in nature) from her Cherokee grandmother.

Tabitha fondly recalls her grandmother reading the leaves at the bottom of Chinese tea pots at a favorite local restaurant. She did it only a few times, and in a spirit of playfulness that unfolds in all the readings of North Star Muse. 

She teaches tea leaf reading as a hostess of tea leaf reading parties for both private gatherings and groups such as students at the SPARK Transformative Learning Center of Erlanger, Kentucky, and patrons of Isis Books and Gifts in Englewood, Colorado.

The North Star Muse Mission

North Star Muse believes in agreeing to our inner navigation: Find healthy means to steer ourselves to our higher purpose. 
  • We are at our finest when we trust ourselves.
  • When we don’t deny and delay our dreams.
  • When we stop putting “some day” perpetually beyond our reach.
Being vulnerable and daring takes compassion as well as courage. North Star Muse strives to show others how to honor and maintain a safe place to resonate with each person's best self, in the moment where they are.


Tabitha has been fortunate to read for noteworthy writers, editors, and tarot creators, like

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot, shared a blog about her first tea leaf reading experience, which Tabitha was honored to provide.

Erik C. Dunne, creator of Tarot Illuminati and Tarot Apokalypsis, let her share a unique astrology-influenced tea leaf reading for his second deck as he was creating it. Her blog featuring some of that reading is here.

To see what some of these and other clients have said about her services, click here.
Erik C. Dunne and Tabitha First Met through the denver tarot meetup. 

Erik C. Dunne and Tabitha First Met through the denver tarot meetup. 

Services Offered
(Summer 2016 prices listed)

On phone, Skype, or email:

Parties and Packages

Online packages:

"Seek Out New Life," starting at $204.99, includes two readings and periodic one-on-one interactions with Tabitha at North Star Muse over the course of four weeks.

To mix metaphors and the pop culture magick of Star Trek and My Little Pony, this service is a "20% cooler" way to go where no reading has gone before and get a taste for a tarot reading and a tea leaf reading, should you choose.


Tea Leaf Reading Parties, starting at $110 (includes one hour -- or 4 readings, along with an introduction to tea leaf reading. Additional hours gladly accommodated when arranged in advance.)


  • Tarot Reading Parties, starting at $115 (includes one hour -- or 4 readings, plus up to 15 mins' roundtrip travel. Additional hours and travel gladly accommodated when arranged in advance.)
  • Tea leaf Reading Parties, starting at $125  (includes one hour -- or 4 readings, along with an introduction to tea leaf reading and tea and tea cups for the evening. Additional hours gladly accommodated when arranged in advance.)

    (Contact Tabitha at 720 422 5633 or Tabitha@NorthStarMuse.com to discuss details of your party)


Tabitha is an avid reader, most recently pouring over Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Rising Strong by Brene Brown. She applies lessons from books such as The Book of Destiny, Animal Messengers, and Be your Own Fairy Tale as a tarot and tea leaf reader.

Whether through books, blogs, ongoing personal work, discussions with peers, or meditation, Tabitha eagerly absorbs stories and information to feed the purpose of North Star Muse. Ongoing involvement in #NewSpreadSaturday gives her the opportunity to make and experiment with many new methods of reading tarot.

Tabitha enjoys and absorbs lessons within workshops, cultivating new ideas at mystical fairs and light-hearted festivals. She actively engages in various methods of encouraging healing, creative living, and healthy interpersonal relationships.

She has worked under the leadership of Theresa Reed (
The Tarot Ladyand Hilary Parry (Tarot by Hilary) on tarot from a business perspective while a member of the Tarot Brainery.

She thrives on working with others. In addition to #NewSpreadSaturday with Steve Seinberg, she paired with The Dreaming Bat for #PopMagick, a seven-day social media challenge to promote and play with pop culture magick in 2016, and she co-created The Muse Board with Carrie Paris in 2015.



Connect with Tabitha

T 720 422 5633
E Tabitha@NorthStarMuse.com