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I confess a broad skepticism of tea leaf reading, but Tabitha has broken that skepticism.

On one level, she answered my question with incisive insights and pointed me in the direction I need to walk in to manifest my goals. On another level, symbolism, signs, and omens came to her in the teacup that have already been recurring in my life, and so there is definitely a mystic’s synchronistic connection there.

I am convinced that she possesses an inexplicable gift, a gift that is all the more apparent in her skills as a tea leaf reader.

I am thoroughly impressed and am now compelled to reexamine tea leaf reading with a more open mind than before. Bravo, Tabitha!
— Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot
Tabitha has a kind heart and a clear-sighted grasp of how to apply the wisdom she finds in the cards in both practical and uplifting ways.

When she reads for me, I take away a sense of my best next steps AND the feeling that I have a warm, responsive person to return to for follow-up support.
— Jamie Morris, Book Writing Coach
Not only was she paying attention to her intuition, she was paying attention to mine, keeping in mind my focal point.

There was definitely magic in the air, evidenced by the reappearance of powerful cards.

I know only a little about Tarot, but I felt confident with Tabitha’s ability and comfortable in her company.
— Babette Kimble
From selecting the tea to the ritual of the reading itself, the whole experience was magical. What I most enjoyed about Tabitha’s reading style is how playful and positive it was.

In the safe space of the reading, there is a special magic that is singular to the moment ... With her assistance and positive guiding hand, I feel like I really shifted my perspective in a helpful way.

Tabitha, with her skill and magic, has elevated the art in my eyes and made me eager to have such a wonderful experience again.

If you are looking for a safe space for personal discovery and a way forward in a difficult situation, I highly recommend the support of Tabitha and her magical tea leaves.
— Theresa Pridemore, creator of The Portland Tarot